Association for Conservation of Yama has established in 1979 which is constituted of people from Aioi-Cho, Moto-machi, Sakura-Machi, and Horai-Cho who had carried out the Yama parade before WW II. The association attempted to revive and conserve the parade which had been gone away for some decade after WW II. They have done repairment of Yama and now continue to devote their energies for a help successor: Three Yama -Ukaigazushi Yama, Higashimachi Yama, and Kanjamachi Yama- was reconstructed and creat the decoration curtain (Mizuhiki maku) by them; today the association also grow pine trees for use as a decoration on the Yama and act to let junior high school students join the preparing for Tsuruga Yama Festival.