Built around 120 years ago, this building is a valuable cultural heritage property that has watched over the history of this town and its residents. In the port town of Tsuruga, many wealthy merchants were involved with the sea trade. One shipowner, Shoshichi Owada II, amassed his wealth by owning ships called “Kitamaebune.” Owada helped modernize the port of Tsuruga using his financial power, and came to be a prominent figure in the region. The building he constructed in 1901, “Owada Bank,” served as the head office. Expanded to accommodate the functions of a growing bank, this building features traces of various modifications, such as the addition of a large vault and fireproof exterior walls, as well as alterations to its Western design, creating the combination Western and Japanese-styled structure we see today. In 1927, following the completion and relocation of a new steel-framed brick building (now the Tsuruga Municipal Museum), local companies used the structure for their offices and other facilities. The building was later renovated by the city, and these days is used as an exhibition facility showcasing the history of the port town of Tsuruga.