Goshonozushi Yama survived being burned down during World War II and was designated as a cultural property of Tsuruga City in 1980.

This float has a three-story tower at the rear of the stage, and the statue of the god of Ebisu Shrine is enshrined in the tower.

The designs of the curtains that decorate the Gosho Tsujiko floats are mainly based on Chinese historical story. That story favored for their auspicious images, and have been used in paintings and sculptures in Japan since ancient times. There is also a curtain with a rare design of a Western figure and an elephant, depicting a white elephant, which is considered sacred in India.

The current mizuhiki curtains were restored and renewed in 2007 and 2008, and the curtains used since the Edo period are carefully preserved at the float hall to prevent them from being damaged.

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