Japan Heritage: Yama of Tsuruga

Yama of Tsuruga was recognized as “ Yama of Kehi Jingu Shrine Festival” in Japan Heritage in 2019. It was appraised Yama symbolize the flourish of Tsuruga town by Kiatamae bune ships tradings. The financial power of the tradings and passion of local merchants have inspired the festival in Tsuruga with Yama.

>construction of yama


1892OCT.11Shoshichi have published Owada Bank in Tsuruga and started his buisiness on November 11th. The first office was oped in his rented house.
1901FEB.New building for office was constructed.
MAR.4The reception to celebrate the new office was taken in Banshokaku hall.
1904APR.The office building was reconstructed.
1927The second main office of Owada Bank ( nowdays Tsuruga Municipal Museum) was opend on the behind of the first office.
1947APR.9Shoshichi passed away, and Shokichi have succeeded to his property.
1952MAR.26The building of firsy office was sold to Komori Co.Ltd.
1996MAR.7Tsuruga city bought the building and reconstructed it to Yama Museum.
1997APR.Yama Museum was oped.

>Tsuruga Municipal Museum building history
>Exhibition in Annex Kitamaebune ship and Tsuruga